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About Actor Nathan Lee Brynner,

In High School was apart of a few plays and one musical called “How to succeed in business without really trying.” He played the role of an old man Called Ovington. After getting a dose of this new found art. He moved to Los Angeles in early spring of 2008 to pursue Acting. He has been seen On Promo’s for Nickelodeon, Discovery Channel and History Channel. He was seen on ER Separation Anxiety,Without a Trace “Amber Alert” and 2 episodes of The Event On NBC “You bury other things to”, “Cut off the Head”. He also worked with Akon and Tyrese On a Music Video Intro for Akon’s 2011 Concert Tour. In 2013 Nathan Lee Brynner produced and wrote his First Short “A Vampires Sorrow.” His second Short “Ask” was finished in October of 2013.In 2015 Nathan Lee Brynner booked a role on WebSeries: Youthful Daze http://www.youthfuldaze.com.